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Edema Slipper Socks


Give Swollen Feet Some Comfort

slippers-swollen-feet.jpgObtaining socks and slippers for individuals who may suffer with swollen feet can be problematic, especially as feet conditions may vary greatly between each person.

Knitwitz have produced a knitting pattern for swollen feet, (based on the Sloppy Joe slipper sock) that shows you how to make slipper socks to fit individuals who need the benefit, warmth and comfort of a slipper sock, but one that also allows circulation in the feet and ankle regions to be maintained.

Swollen feet  can be referred to medically as an Oedema, which can occur when fluid is retained in the spaces between body cells. A typical leg Oedema can effect feet, ankles and lower legs.





The Oedema slipper knitting pattern form Knitwitz, covers all adult feet size ranges. The slippers are knit on one pair straight knitting needles size 5.5 mm UK (size 9 US) . Yarn required will vary depending on the size of foot you are tailoring the slipper to, but we allow typically up to 400 grams of double knit yarn to make a knitted slipper for a large mans size.

If you require specific advice for any individual regarding measurements etc. Please feel free to Contact.  The Oedema slipper knitting pattern is available as a laminated knitting pattern shipped worldwide or as an instant download.  Knitwiz can also make this design to order  for those who are unable to knit, but who need slippers.  Please contact for further details.



 " HI MARY:),
  Ron from the USA. The Sloppy Joe's are WONDERFUL and warm for sleeping, and around the house.  Thank YOU again... Ron. "