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Knitting A Shawl


 shawl-knitting-pattern.jpg A few lines from beginning Knitter Marilyn on Knitting the knitwitzUk Jumbo Knit Shawl Knitting Pattern. 

Hi Mary and everyone, 


Sorry for taking so long to reply only I wanted to get the shawl finished so I could e mail you the photo.  I personalised the shawl with fringing, tassels and little sequins, they might not show how beautiful it really looks
I had never sewn a sequin on anything before, so there I was watching them hand sewing them on You Tube with me trying to follow their instructions with my shawl balanced on my knee. 
It took me so long to sew the sequins on that I nearly gave up.  They took longer to do than the shawl ! but they are very effective and I just love my shawl.
I'm putting it on this morning, it's warm but you still need something round your shoulders and the shawl is perfect and I feel very glamorous in it. It's the changing times isn't it ?

 " I used to wear shawls in my hippie days's in the 60's and they then seemed to to go back into the closet and were worn by the elderly, now they are back in fashion again and with a little immagination you can do anything with them. "


My very first project and I couldn't have done it without your help, thank you so much Mary .  














Jumbo Knit Shawl Knitting Pattern is available as a Laminated Knitting Pattern, shipped worldwide or as an Instant Download .