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Knitting In London


Written by Stuart from London   

navajo-knitted-slippers-stu.jpg Stuart From London on knitting the Knitwitz Navajo slipper Socks.

The Men's Navajo’s are easy to knit and very nice.  I make them with a 100% acrylic from the local market then of course you can pre-soak them and throw them in a coloured wash and they come up spotless every time. I liked the smaller Navajo pattern,(men's size 10-12 UK) but its still a little big even for my size 12’s.  I think it needs to be adjusted down in size. 

The woman’s 4 – 7 is perfect and fits the girlies feet very tightly at first until it stretches of its own accord.

I’m doing a pair of country boot slippers at the moment.  A little bit more challenging than the Navajo’s but more intricate and smarter on the eye.  Will send you a pic when I finish.  I must get onto your website again and see if there’s any other nice patterns to order.  I need to find a pattern for men’s gloves next I think.

I also need to get to grips properly with using circular needles, but I’m on a learning curve  I only only ever learned to knit with regular single point needles and a cable pin.  I’ve only recently started working with colours.  Luckily my IT manager at work is a knitoholic and helps me if I get stuck with patterns, for instance it will be her who will show me how to cast off on the bottom of the country slippers with the extra 5½mm needles as I’m stuck at that point.





Here is a picture of a completed pair of Navajo boots and me knitting a men's Country Slipper. They're terribly good and will look forward to seeing any developments as you invent further patterns.